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2   Link   Aquatic ape hypothesis - Wikipedia ENG
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4   Link   Aquatic Ape Theory na Primitivism.com (ENG)
Elaine Morgan
5   Link   The Passionate Ape.com - streszczenie (ENG)
Craig Hagstrom
6   Link   Scars of Evolution (ENG)
Sir David Attenborough w radiu BBC
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Autor: Marc J. M. Verhaegen
8   Link   The Aquatic Ape Story (ENG)
9   Link   AquaticApe.org (ENG)
What is the Aquatic Ape Theory (AAT/H)?
by Jim Moore
10   Link   Did humans descend from "aquatic apes"? (ENG)
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12   Link   Aquatic Ape - film dokumentalny (Discovery Channel/BBC 1998) (ENG)
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